In addition of the accessories for the car, we offer you the possibility to rent a pushchair if you’d like to walk with your baby.

When you don’t use it, you can fold it to occupy less space.



If you are bike lover, we can offer you BIKE RACKS. On this way you can initiate your route, wherever you’d like to go on the Island.


You only have to add in the section “EXTRAS” in your reservation and we prepare for you for the pick-up car time.


The BIKE RACKS are qualified for 3 bikes.





From 0 to 2 years old (0 to 13 kg) 

From 2  to 4 years old (13 to 18 kg)



From 3  to 6 years old  (15 to 25 kg)



From 6 to 12 years old

(22 to 36 kg)



The children more then 12 years old or more then 135 cm height, no need any booster car seat, you only have to fasten the seat belts.


How to reserve it?

If you would like to reserve one or more booster car seats, only have to add in your reservation, indicating the age of the babies or children to prepare the most appropriate.
We’ll take care to deliver the vehicle together with the selected accessories, at your arrival.

If you’d like to rent one of the previously accessories during more than 3 days you only have to pay the first 3 days. Please, bear in mind that the model of such fixtures may change and can be different to that you may be accustomed.

Recommendations for travelling with children:

• Never must be positioned the baby seat looking backward, to the front seat with the activated airbag.
• Make sure that the child is correctly positioned and is saved and secured before you start to drive.
• Never leave the child alone inside the car.
• Don’t forget to put the seat belt in the back doors of the vehicle.
• Make sure to take with you enough liquid for the children during your trip, like water and other fluids.

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